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Finding the Best Chiropractor For You

If you are trying to find the best chiropractor for you in Dallas – Fort Worth, this post is for you. It has been said many times that chiropractors are like mechanics. Once you find the best chiropractor for you, you don’t want to change. Although finding the best chiropractor in Dallas is very important for your health, it could be difficult. Here, we give you a few points to consider.


One of the best things you can do is find out other peoples’ experiences. Whether this is someone you know personally, or an online review source, these are great places to start. It should be clear right away if a chiropractor is the best fit for you.

Research the chiropractors’ credentials

Make sure the chiropractor you are considering has the proper credentials and is licensed by the State. The Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners has a very thorough licensing process. They make sure each applicant has the appropriate education and qualifications to practice chiropractic in Texas.

Malpractice and disciplinary actions are also important to note when looking for the best chiropractor in Dallas – Fort Worth.

What chiropractic experience are you looking for?

The traditional way of receiving chiropractic care is at an office. This includes driving there and back, waiting around for your treatment and you may feel like just another number. Getting chiropractic care at an office could also lack the personal touch, individualized treatment plan, privacy, and organization. Find out more about our house call services.

Evaluate communication style

We would encourage you to call all the chiropractors you are considering. While on the phone with them evaluate their communication. Are they friendly? Do you feel comfortable talking to them? Did they listen to you? Did they answer your questions?

Being comfortable talking to your health care provider and confident in their recommendations and treatment is vital for a good relationship. Find out more about us.

Ask them about your conditions

Again, while on the phone with the chiropractor, you should briefly ask them about your symptoms. Although they are not able to have the full picture without a physical exam, they should have an idea if they can help you. The more experienced they are with your specific symptoms, the better your results could be.


Finding the right chiropractor for you will make a huge difference in your health. We’ve given you some questions worth considering when looking around. Each one of these points is important in developing a good relationship which could improve your outcomes.

Here are our answers to the above points.

Mostly Referrals

Word of mouth is the most common way people hear about us. From our end-of-year “Patient satisfaction Survey”, 33% of the responses claimed that they heard about us from friends and family. What that means is that our patients feel so confident in our abilities to help people that they recommend us to their friends and family!

Most patients find us through referals
We get most our patients from word of mouth. Other sources include: referals from professionals and outreach events

Research the chiropractors’ credentials

Our doctor of chiropractic, Dr. Demetris Elia, is fully credentialed with an active license by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners and no Board actions against him.

If you want to verify your candidate’s license in the state of Texas, click here.

The Best Chiropractors offer an experience, second to none

We don’t waste our patients time. You do not have to take any more time out of your day other than your appointment time. Your appointment time starts when we arrive to your door, until we leave. There is no traffic or waiting rooms involved. All treatments take place in the privacy of your own space.

Our 2021 end of year survey shows that our patients prefer us because we provide mobile services, operate 7 days a week from 8 am to 8pm and we’re results oriented.

Mobile services is the reason people reach out to us
The convenience of mobile services is second to none! Other preferences include: prefered providers, strong recommendations

100% Patient satisfaction is a thing for the Best Chiropractor

We created PEAKiropractic to serve the population that prefer mobile services, either because of time constraints or preference. People are our business and we provide them with high quality services.

According to the 2021 End of Year Survey, 100% of our responders report “Very Satisfied” with our services.

100% Patients satisfaction Chiropractor in Dallas
PEAK stands for Precise, Effective, Alternative, Kiropractic and it shows from our responses!

We encourage questions!

We always encourage our prospective clients to take advantage of the free 15-minute discovery call we offer. This gives us the opportunity to listen to what’s bothering you and identify if we are a good fit for you. If we are not able to help you, we will recommend the appropriate provider.

And that’s not all…

Just so you know, PEAKiropractic has been selected as one of the Best Chiropractor in Dallas – Fort Worth Texas for 3 years in a row by See what our patients have to say.

In 2022, has selected us as Best Home Health Care Agency in Dallas – Fort Worth Texas as well.

Best chiropractor in Dallas - Fort Worth 2022
Best Home Health Agency in Dallas - Fort Worth 2022

Let’s Find Out if You’ll Call Us “Your Chiropractor”

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