Be free from what is holding you back with the help of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine always aims to identify the cause of your symptoms and set you free from what holds you back. A multitude of symptoms can have the same origin within the body. By treating the symptoms and ignoring the origin, one does not solve the problem but masks it instead. This often leads to multiple chronic conditions, with several treatments in place and a whole lot of frustration. If only connecting the dots was any easier…

At PEAKiropractic, we simplify the process. Our Certified Functional Medicine Provider will listen to your story. First, a thorough evaluation of past and current medical records and history will be taken. Then, the possibilities of what may be causing your symptoms will be explained and a thorough plan for recovery will be recommended.

We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself from the inside out. Given the right environment and building blocks, our bodies have the blueprints and a fighting chance to repair and restore bodily functions. By bringing balance back into the body, symptoms start to improve and diminish.

What Conditions can Functional Medicine Help

Functional Medicine is not disease-specific. It rather looks at the patient as a whole and finds the reason why the symptoms are being expressed the way they are. By connecting the dots between the symptoms and conditions, a certified functional medicine provider can help with a variety of conditions. From gastrointestinal to hormonal, and from stress-related disorders to autoimmunities and arthritis. Functional Medicine has been able to help with them all.

What’s the Process to be a Patient

At PEAKiropractic we care about you and your goals. This is why we do not accept all patients in our Functional Medicine program. We only accept the patients that are a good fit for us and know we can impact their life!

Because we value your health and want you to find a new PEAK in your life, we offer a 15-minute phone consultation as the first step of becoming a patient of ours. This allows us to listen to what it is that’s bothering you and determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Once we accept you as a patient, some intake forms and previous medical records will be requested before we schedule the initial visit. This gives us the opportunity to form a complete picture of what you have been through so far.

After the initial encounter, we will send you our recommendations that will explain the following:

What we believe is causing your symptoms.

What diagnostic testing needs to be performed to narrow down the root cause if any.

What’s the treatment plan for recovery.

Just like your symptoms took time to develop, treatment may take some time as well. Not two people are the same. Therefore their path to wellness may look completely different even though they are experiencing similar symptoms. Unfortunately, the body needs time to create changes in its physiology. Denying it the time to do so, we are stripping away its chance to repair and heal.

Give us a call today, and see if you are a candidate for our Functional Medicine Program.