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Whether it’s your first time seeing a chiropractor, or you’ve been under chiropractic care before

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Are you looking for relief from pain or discomfort without the need for taking medication? Chiropractic care is a natural approach to healthcare which focuses on improving the function of your neuromusculoskeletal system. Here are some of the benefits this form of care can offer:

  • Reduction in pain and discomfort
  • Improved ability to perform daily tasks
  • Increased quality of life

If you’re looking for a natural, holistic approach to healthcare, chiropractic care is worth considering.

Keep reading to find out the answers to the most asked questions about chiropractic care:

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic is a branch of healthcare that focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system – your nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. By using chiropractic adjustments, chiropractors are able to help maintain proper joint function. This helps other tissues in the body, work as they were meant to.

After all, what sets chiropractic apart from other forms of healthcare is the belief in the body’s innate ability to heal itself naturally. Given the right environment, nutrition and exercise, we believe that the body can heal and improve.

With regular visits to a chiropractor, many people report relief from their pain and improved daily functions, leading to an overall improvement in their quality of life.

Improve Your Health And Live A Better Life

How Does Chiropractic Work?

At its core, chiropractic care works with the philosophy that your body has an innate ability to heal itself and restore balance given the right conditions. This happens by removing the interference and joint restrictions to allow proper communication within the body.

Although there is a great variety of techniques in chiropractic (about 200 chiropractic techniques), each one has a different approach. Regardless of their differences, all chiropractors and techniques would agree on one premise:

As chiropractors, our job is to allow the body to fully express itself and promote healing from the inside out.

Whether it be manual therapies, tools or treatments focusing on dural tension, each technique is designed to enable your body’s natural healing process and promote health from the inside out. By working with a chiropractor, you can take advantage of all these different techniques so that you can experience true pain relief and improved overall wellbeing.

What does treatment look like with PEAKiropractic

Let start by saying, not everyone is the same and as such, not every treatment looks the same.

Whether you are comparing the treatment between individuals, or follow-up visits of the same individual. Because of the different stressors of life and the many variables of health, our treatment at PEAKirorpactic never looks the same.

We deploy individual treatment plans depending on each person’s complains. That is specific to each patient.

Although the frequency of chiropractic care varies from patient to patient, results should be evident after a few visits. These results are what make chiropractic care one of the most sought after alternative treatment options in the United States.

Chiropractic Treatment

Just as mentioned above, treatment looks different for each patient, and will consist of any combination of the below therapies:

Chiropractic adjustment

The purpose of the adjustment is to correct the joint restriction identified.

Soft tissue therapy

More often than not, muscle tension causes joint restrictions. Soft tissue therapy addressess these imbalances. This could include stretching, scraping or trigger point therapy.


Due to compensations that develop over time because of joint restrictions, a chiropractor might recommend exercises. These exercises are generally meant to strengthen weak muscles to restore the proper biomechanics of the body. When the body is working optimally, patients experience less wear and tear on the joints and prevent future injuries from occurring.

Kinesio taping

When a patient presents with an injury or a joint that needs support, Kinesio taping can be beneficial to support the injured joint or muscle.

Nutritional support

A large portion of the US population has nutritional deficiencies. These nutrients cause blocks in metabolic pathways and do not allow your body to function as it should. If that is the case, your chiropractor will recommend the appropriate supplements to overcome these and restore the balance in your body.

Massage Therapy

Although people see massage therapy as a luxury in the US, in other places of the world it’s a vital component of their life. It helps relieve stress, decrease muscle tension, stimulate the lymphatic system, and a lot more. If your chiropractor sees the need for massage therapy in your treatment plan, they will recommend it.

Spinal Manipulation

Neck pain, shoulder discomfort, or a misaligned spine can significantly hamper your daily activities. Don’t let these ailments hold you back. With our cutting-edge techniques and patient-centric approach, we strive to offer the best spinal manipulation services in the region.

Sports Chiropractic

Our sports chiropractic services are designed to treat athletic injuries, from runners knee to tennis elbows, ensuring you get back to your peak performance swiftly.

Find out more about us and our house call services we provide.

When NOT to Get Chiropractic Care?

Although chiropractic care is able to help with a variety of health conditions, there are some instanses where it cannot.

A thorough examination and proper screening from a licensed chiropractor will help determine if you would benefit from chiropractic care or not.

Some of the biggest red flags that may not benefit from seeing a chiropractor are:

Ruptured disc, Cardiovascular problems, Low Bone density, Congenital abnormalities, Space occupying lesions, Infections, Visceral organs

When to Stop Chiropractic Care?

Although chiropractic care can resolve many conditions fast and cost-effectively, there are some instances where one should stop chiropractic care or re-evaluate the recommended treatment plan. Here are some of the reasons:

Increase pain for more than 48 hours after the first treatment: Although it is common to experience muscle soreness and slight discomfort after the first chiropractic treatment, these symptoms should subside by the second day after treatment. If the pain or discomfort has increased since the previous treatment, your chiropractor should refrain from chiropractic adjustments and re-evaluate the treatment plan immediately.

No improvement in symptoms after a 6-visit treatment plan: In the majority of cases, patients should experience significant improvement in their symptoms after 6 visits to their chiropractor. At least, that is our experience as the mobile chiropractor of Dallas – Fort Worth. If they have not experienced any positive changes to their symptoms, their chiropractor should re-evaluate the treatment plan. If the patients are unhappy with their results, they should seek a consultation from a different chiropractor. As mentioned earlier, chiropractic has a wide variety of techniques and approaches. Finding one that produces the desired results for each patient is important.

Optimize Your Health Naturally

We believe that receiving regular chiropractic care with massage therapy is the key to living a better life.

Some individuals, however, are not able to live their life to the fullest, no matter what they try!

For the biggest part of this population, traditional medicine has given up. They cannot give them any answers and if they have a treatment option available, it’s typically just to mask the symptoms.

These are the individuals we work with through functional medicine and our natural weight loss solutions. As Functional Medicine Providers, we focus on understanding what is causing the symptoms in the first place. Once we identify this, a specific treatment plan helps eliminate the symptoms. Patients with a variety of symptoms from digestive issues, to hormone imbalances and autoimmunities, could find answers in Functional Medicine when others cannot answer their questions.

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