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Currently serving the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas.

Whether you are trying to get out of pain, recovering from surgery, or you are pregnant with back pain, we are geared to help!

Our house call chiropractor and mobile massage therapist will meet you where you are, at a time that is convenient to you.

The multiple years of experience or our licensed professionals will provide you with Precise, Effective, Alternative, Kiropractic

House Call Chiropractic Treatments

Specific chiropractic adjustment from the house call chiropractor near me!
House Call Chiropractor


All house call chiropractic care is individualized and tailored to your specific needs. From bedridden to just keeping up with life. We’ll get you feeling great and moving better in no time! Read More…

Looking for "chiropractor near me" or "massage therapy near me"? Look no more. We provide House Call Services
Mobile Massage Therapist


Every session focuses on how to help you reach your goal faster. Get the results you’ve always wanted, and do it in style. Get your message session at home! Read more…

House Call Chiropractic, Massage and Functional Medicine. We'll always be near you.
Functional Medicine


Discover what is causing your chronic problems. From gut disturbances to genetic anomalies and hormone dysregulation. They all play their part. Let us guide you to wellness. Read more…

Dr. D on his weight loss journey losing weight with no exercise, no drugs or medications and no starvation diets.
Weight Loss


  • No Exercise
  • No Drugs of Shakes
  • No Starvation Diet
  • Real Food
  • Natural Supplements
  • Easy to Follow Program

Google Reviews

Diego Moreno

“I have had back pain on and off for about two years. I’ve seen 2 different doctors and the second didn’t help at all it seemed like he was just trying to make money. Dr D was totally different… He was at my house within an hour and a half… he gave me the correct diagnosis and adjusted my back and helped relieve the pain almost immediately. I look forward to the next visit and would definitely recommend him to anyone suffering from back pain this guy knows his stuff and explains him self very well.100/100”

Alfredo Bustamante

“I had my back go out to the point where I could barely stand… Luckily, a Facebook friend suggested Peakiropractic and Dr. D came out to my apartment, helped me off of the floor (because I couldn’t stand or even climb onto the couch without excruciating pain), diagnosed and adjusted my back injury. There was noticeable improvement after each visit, and I’m happy to say I’m fully mobile again and pain free! Dr. D is very knowledgeable, friendly, and great at what he does… Highly recommend Peakiropractic!…”

Christy McCary

“I was down with my back from Monday to the next Tuesday. I … went by ambulance to the hospital because I couldn’t walk or even get out of my bed at all! All the ER did was give me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories that didn’t work at all!.. This pain was so much worse than I have ever felt! I found Dr. D on the internet and I am so thankful that I did! He is a lifesaver!.. He fixed my back on the first visit!.. He wants his patience to get the best care… I would have him work on my parents or children all day everyday! Dr. D has been a blessing to me and my family and will always be highly recommended by all of us!…”

The Mobile Chiropractor of DFW with all his tools

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, then you won’t have to hear it scream”


Chiropractic Care

PEAKiropractic was selected best chiropractor in Dallas. Your house call chiropractor near you! We provide house call chiropractic and house call massage therapy at the comfort of your own space. Helping people live a better life is what we love doing.

Life happens every day, which is why we operate 7 days a week! Including weekends!

Whether this is your first time seeing a house call chiropractor or you’ve been under chiropractic care in the past.

We’re glad you’re here.

Below you will find answers to questions you may have about chiropractic and our mobile chiropractic services.

Chiropractic Adjustment

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a purposeful manipulation of a joint that corrects movement restrictions.

Not only does it restores the proper range of motion, it also allows the joint and its surrounding tissue to function at its full capacity without interference to the nervous system.

Why is Chiropractic Care and the Spine Important?

As we all know, our skeletons are what give our bodies their structures and the ability to stand up against gravity.

The spine is right at the center of it all. This is to say, it connects the head, arms, and legs to the torso. All this while also protecting our delicate and always changing nervous system.

The spinal cord that passes through the spine, connects the brain with every cell in the body.

As the spinal cord comes down, a pair of spinal nerves exit the spine between two vertebrae at each level.

These nerves connect to all tissue and relay information between the brain and the body. Information like pain, temperature, body position, and much more.

But when movement restrictions are present in the spine, imbalances between the different tissue can occur. The nerves don’t transmit the proper information and a state of dis-ease begins to develop.

Get Checked, Get Adjusted by Your House Call Chiropractor in Dallas

How Does The Chiropractic Adjustment Work?

A restricted joint, especially in the spine, compromises the information that travels from and to the central nervous system.

Our bodies though, find a way to compensate for these restrictions. This compensation comes with the cost of another restriction and the cycle carries on.

At PEAKiropractic, The Mobile Chiropractor in Dallas – Fort Worth, we can identify these restrictions and correct them with the use of specific chiropractic adjustments. This helps remove the restrictions and restore the appropriate range of motion in the joint, whilst removing the interference within the body and allowing the proper function to continue.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe?

When performed by a licensed chiropractor after the appropriate workup, the chiropractic adjustment is safe.

At PEAKiropractic we take time to listen to you, have a good understanding of what is causing your symptoms, and then perform a thorough physical, orthopedic and neurological examination. This allows us to rule out other things that may need immediate medical attention.

We recommend that everyone is under regular chiropractic care to function at their PEAK!

See what we can help with HERE and check out what others say about us HERE.

Let us, The House Call Chiropractor in Dallas – Fort Worth do the traveling for you, while you do life.

Soft Tissue

What is Soft Tissue?

Soft tissue connects or supports other tissue in the body.

The most popular are musclesligaments, and fascia. These power our everyday movements and it’s important for them to work as a system.

When this doesn’t happen, muscles get strained, ligaments and tendons get inflamed and fascia tightens up in an attempt to compensate for the imbalance in the system.

As a result, we get poor quality movement, additional stress to the system, and compensations.

Imbalances in soft tissue can be a result of restrictions in a joint, incorrect movement patterns, and incorrect loading of the body.

How is Soft Tissue Work Performed?

Depending on the cause of the imbalance in the system treatment can vary. Your Mobile Chiropractor in Dallas – Forth worth will be able to explain these imbalances and help you overcome them.

Soft tissue therapy can help relieve painimprove the quality of movement, and restore balance to the system.

Some of the techniques require tools and some are performed by hand.

Does Everyone Need Soft Tissue Therapy?


Each person has a different body with different stressors and so different compensation.

The same imbalance may cause different compensations in a different person.

It is important to have a thorough evaluation of your case to identify what is necessary for you.

Why Use The House Call Chiropractor in Dallas?

Some of the benefits of seeing a house call chiropractor are:

  • Save time
  • Get the whole family treated on the same visit
  • Stay healthy even on a packed schedule.
  • Avoid traffic and waiting rooms
  • Get personalized treatment that delivers the goods every time!

Schedule your appointment with your house call chiropractor now: Click Here

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is necessary when you aim to live your best life.

At PEAKiropractic, we consider it as an integral part of a wellness plan which is why we offer memberships for it.

Making sure that all musculature and fascia are able to work as a unit is important for the body to function at 100%.

When performed by a licensed massage therapist, the outcomes are a lot more than just relaxation.

A licensed therapist can break up those knots that are holding you back, improve lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling in arms and legs, even relieve stress, and improve your sports performance by increasing your range of motion.

You can now reap the benefits of massage therapy at home.

Whether you are looking for a prenatal massage, sports massage, post-surgery massage, or just a wellness/stress-relieving massage, get it in style with our mobile massage therapists!

If you can get massage therapy at home, why go somewhere else?

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine always aims to identify the cause of your symptoms and set you free from what holds you back.

A multitude of symptoms can have the same origin within the body.

By treating the symptoms and ignoring the origin, one does not solve the problem but masks it instead. This often leads to multiple chronic conditions, with several treatments in place and a whole lot of frustration.

If only connecting the dots, was a little easier…

At PEAKiropractic, The Mobile Chiropractor in Dallas – Fort Worth, we simplify the process.

Our Certified Functional Medicine Provider will listen to your story. First, we do a thorough evaluation of past and current medical records and history. Then, we’ll explain and examine for the possibilities of what may be causing your symptoms and recommend a thorough plan for recovery.

We believe in the body’s ability to heal itself from the inside out.

Given the right environment and building blocks, our bodies have the blueprints and a fighting chance to repair and restore bodily functions.

By bringing balance back into the body, symptoms start to improve and diminish.

Depending on the condition, you may be able to find complete resolution, or learn how to keep your disorder at bay.

What Conditions can Functional Medicine Help

Functional Medicine is not disease-specific.

It rather looks at the patient as a whole and finds the reason why the symptoms are being expressed the way they are.

Uniquely, by connecting the dots between the symptoms and conditions, a certified functional medicine provider can help with a variety of conditions.

From gastrointestinal to hormonal, and from stress-related disorders to autoimmunities and arthritis.

Functional Medicine has been able to help with them all and much more.

How to Get Started With The House Call Chiropractor

At PEAKiropractic we care about you and your goals. This is why we do not accept all patients in our Functional Medicine program.

Only the patients that are a good fit for us by know we can impact their life, are accepted!

Your health is very important to us and want you to find a new PEAK in your life!

Our free 15-minute phone consultation can be your first step of becoming a patient of ours. This is the best way to know if we are a good fit for eachother.

Once we accept you as a patient, some intake forms and previous medical records will be requested before we schedule the initial visit. This gives us the opportunity to form a complete picture of what you have been through so far.

What’s Next?

After the initial encounter, we will send you our recommendations that will explain the following:

  • What we believe is causing your symptoms.
  • The diagnostic testing that needs to be performed to narrow down the root cause, if any.
  • Your personalised treatment plan to recovery.

Just like your symptoms took time to develop, treatment may take some time as well.

Not two people are the same. Therefore, their path to wellness may look completely different even though they are experiencing similar symptoms.

Unfortunately, the body needs time to create changes in its physiology. Denying it the time to do so, we are stripping away its chance to repair and heal.

PEAKiropractic, The House call Chiropactor in Dallas – Fort Worth, is looking forward to helping you reach your PEAK!

Let’s find out what’s holding you back!