PEAKiropractic and its providers are here to give you the care you deserve! Whether you are looking to get out of pain, recovering from surgery, are pregnant or anything else, we are geared to help you! Our house call providers will meet you where you are, at a time that is convenient to you. All our providers are licensed professionals with multiple years of experience just so we can provide you with Precise, Effective, Alternative, Kiropractic

House Call Treatments

Initial Visit


Dr. D- THE Mobile Chiropractor of DFW performing an exam that doesn't just target your problem area, but the rest of the body as well.
A thorough evaluation is important for the overall picture.

During the Initial House Call Chiropractic Visit, we conduct a thorough history of your complaint, to have a better understanding of what is holding you back. Then, with your symptoms in mind, we will perform a comprehensive exam to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Once this is complete, we can determine the treatment that is appropriate for you, explain how we can help and the first treatment will follow. ~ 45 min

Follow Up Visit


Dr. D performing a specific chiropractic adjustment.
Personalised treatment and specific chiropractic adjustments get it done.

During a follow-up visit, we always ask for feedback from our patients about the previous treatment, any changes in their symptoms/condition so that we can adjust the treatment appropriately. The treatment consists of the chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue therapy and/or therapeutic exercises. Our goal is always to provide you with the most precise and effective treatment. ~ 15 min

Massage Therapy


Mobile Massage Therapy will perform house call massages for your privacy and your comfort.
A good massage session can be a great compliment to chiropractic care.

Our Licensed Massage Therapists will perform a 1-1.5 hour massage session that targets your complaints. This provides relaxation, lymphatic drainage, and could be a great compliment to your chiropractic care. As always, this takes place at a location and time that fits your schedule ~ 1 hour

As THE Mobile Chiropractor of DFW, we come to you. All visits take place at a location of your choosing. If the location is other than your home address, please specify when booking.

We Are Excited For You to Be Our Patient!

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