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Benefits to hiring a House Call Chiropractor

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A thorough history and examination is the epitome of good medicine

While in practice, I hear time and again the same excuse for not getting care “I don’t have time to make it in”, or “Our schedules don’t match up”. Although at a glance, time is one of the biggest reasons you should hire a house call chiropractor, it might not be the only one.

Are House Calls a thing of the past?

House call visits by chiropractors were a thing of the past but recently on the comeback.

Chiropractic care has been around for well over a century now. From the beginning, the strong opposition both from the public and the medical community pushed chiropractic to the sidelines. No matter the push, chiropractors have been there to serve the ones that understood and saw the benefits of it.

In recent years, chiropractic has seen an increase in popularity. Maybe due to the development of the internet and social media or maybe the shift away from conventional medicine and towards a more preventative/holistic way of healing. Nonetheless, chiropractors have been at the forefront of patient centered care from the beginning.

A chiropractor would perform a house call visit when someone could not make it to the office. They were typically patients that just got too sick to leave their house. That’s when the doctors would leave the office and pay them a visit.

Could House Calls be the Future?

Today, a lot has changed. Although on occasion, people get stuck at home or in bed and need help, it’s not always due to back or neck pain. The increased amount of people working from home, the tight schedules, and the limited time to get to an office during operating hours has increased the demand for house calls. Hiring a house call chiropractor might just be what people need to navigate life a little easier and healthier. This is exactly the reason we developed our house call services.

What are the benefits to hiring a house call chiropractor?

Time is definitely one of the greatest commodities we have. Almost everyone wished there were 26 hours in a day, and 400 days in a year. By the time we realize we’re in a new month, the month is almost over and the next one begins. And the sad reality of it all is that our personal health is always our last priority.

Save time

People typically spend 10-15 minutes traveling to an office. Waste another 10-15 minutes in the office waiting around, just to spend another 10-15 minutes rushing back to what they were supposed to be doing to begin with. Gaining time by having the doctor come to you is real. House call visits also allow the whole family to be treated at the same time without having to juggle schedules and multiple trips to an office. Saving 30 minutes to an hour on every appointment could just be what people need to get their “to-do” lists finished. Find out what saving 30 minutes per day would do for you.

Work from home and stay healthy

Having services delivered to you has become increasingly popular over the past few years. And saving time is not the only perk you get from hiring a mobile chiropractor. Being proactive about your health, while in the comfort of your own space is a huge benefit too. You no longer have to dress up to go to an office. A house call chiropractor can provide you with the care you need right in your own living room or porch. Since you’re getting treated, why not do it in style?

Have it your way!

Getting treated in style doesn’t just come with comforts. It also comes with the privacy of your space. It allows one to be as open as they’d like about their health. Eliminating the fear of judgment from other people listening around, could be the difference between mediocre and the outstanding results everyone is looking to get from their treatment. Getting treated on your own ground, gives you confidence and privacy to tell the whole story.

Home ergonomic evaluation

While we’re telling the whole story, let’s not leave out the chance for your personal chiropractor to evaluate your environment. Chiropractors don’t just crack backs and align joints. They are highly educated in the body’s biomechanics. Having the doctor come into your space, whether this is the office or your house, you can get your everyday tools evaluated from an ergonomics standpoint. Whether it’s about your desk height, or the firmness of your mattress and pillows, allowing the doctor to properly evaluate your environment is a plus. Instead of just receiving general guidelines for best practices, a house call can evaluate your surroundings and direct you on how to take your life to the next level.

Whether your goal is to regain your health or optimizing it and living your life at its fullest, hiring a mobile chiropractor that comes to you can benefit you in ways you cannot imagine.

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