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What’s Better: Cervical Denneroll or a Chiropractic Pillow

Every once in a while, we all wake up with a stiff neck. This pushes us to look into pillows approved by chiropractors and possibly how to fix the underlying problem. This is where the cervical denneroll comes in. Find out what the difference is between the cervical denneroll and a chiropractic pillow, and where to buy a denneroll.

What is a Denneroll

The cervical Denneroll is an apparatus that has been specifically designed, by Chiropractic Biophysics. Because of its design, it can correct the curvature of the neck or cervical spine. It can be thought of as a neck curve corrector block or cervical foam block. Also, easy to use under the supervision and instructions of a licensed healthcare professional, and does not require a whole lot of time.

This provides patients with the opportunity to work on their health passively. No activity or action is required by the patient for the apparatus to work its magic. With the proper instructions and usage of the cervical denneroll, you can improve a lot of things. That hump on the top of your back, eliminates headaches and set you up for better posture.

Chiropractic Neck Pillow Vs Cervical Denneroll

Many times we get this question:

Which one is better and what is the difference between an approved by a chiropractor neck pillow and the cervical denneroll.

To begin with, the chiropractic neck pillow is actually meant to be used while sleeping. The cervical denneroll is designed to be used for maximum 20 minutes per day. The difference between the two is in their purpose.

Chiropractic pillow for neck curvature

A chiropractic neck pillow is meant to support your neck and head during sleep. It is there to bridge the gap between the body and the mattress. When you sleep on your back, the gap between your neck and the mattress should be filled. But, without elevating your head. Your head should not be in a flexed position for 6 to 8 hours every day! For people that sleep on their side, a chiropractic neck pillow can be helpful. It should bridge the gap between the shoulders and the neck while also allowing some space for the head to be in a straight line. Again, the head should not be tilted for prolonged periods of time such as when we sleep.

The Cervical Denneroll

On the other hand, people tend to misuse their pillows for years. They end up developing anterior head posture, shoulder, jaw and neck pain, even daily headaches. That is a sign that your body is fighting against gravity and at the moment it’s losing the battle.

If you are like what we just described above, that wakes up with a sore neck, shoulders, and a headache almost every day, then what you need to do is work on correcting your neck’s curvature. That is where the denneroll comes into play. Its purpose is to correct the spine’s curvature to bring it closer to return it back to its natural curvature. To do this, we recommend getting a proper evaluation from our chiropractors to assist you with it. They will provide you with the guidance you need to correct it faster and maintain it.

Simply put, the cervical denneroll or neck curve corrector block, is used to help correct the reverse cervical curvature. And the pillow is there to support the neck’s curvature while you sleep.

Where to Buy Cervical Denneroll

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, these apparatus are designed by Chiropractic Biophysics. An international organization that supplies its products to licensed health care professionals only. If you’re wondering where to buy a cervical denneroll but are unsure if it will benefit you, let us know. The worst thing to do is to just jump into something without a proper evaluation. A licensed health care professional that has a deeper understanding of the body’s biomechanics can help you.

We are always here to help the ones that want to live a better life!

Cervical Denneroll
Ask us for your Cervical Denneroll

Why Reverse The Cervical Curve

To understand why the curvatures in our spine are important, we need to take a step back. Let’s look at the human development from infancy.

At birth, our spine is in a C shape. This is the perfect position for us while in the womb to save space. As infants, we don’t have control over our muscles, the balance or the strength to hold our heads up and require a little support. A few months into this world and we gain all of that. Our muscles get stronger, our bodies are not flopping around and we can hold our heads up. While all of this is happening, the spine is developing into an S shape. This is where the lordotic curvature in the neck is born.

The cervical curve is described as lordotic curvature. It is there to help us hold ourselves upright, absorb compression forces and allow the proper muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. A lot of people are surprised when we tell them that everything in the body is connected. As the spine ossifies, this curvature does even more. It maintains the proper space between the spine, the nerves and the disks between the vertebras.

Why does the cervical cuve matter

With a decreased or reversed curvature in the neck, this space that is created naturally is lost. The result is nagging neck and upper back pain, muscle tension, and even headaches. Now you can see, that maintaining the natural curvatures of the spine is a lot more than just the looks. It may have to do with other things that are happening in your life you but don’t know-how.

If you’re noticing the following:

  • Your head is more forward than the rest of your body
  • A hump on the top of your back
  • Reoccuring headaches
  • Nagging neck and shoulder pain that will not go away

We are always happy to help. Or at least give you some guidance on what you can do to improve your condition before you look where to buy a cervical denneroll or a chiropractic pillow.

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