The House Call Team

Dr. Demetris Elia, House call chiropractor

Dr. Demetris W. Elia D.C., CFMP, BSc

 Dr. Demetris was born and raised on the beautiful island of Cyprus. He is very passionate about helping people in any capacity he can. Finding chiropractic through his sports career, he saw first hand the impact it can have on an athlete’s performance. Now, he brings the best chiropractic care to the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex residents in an alternative style, as a house call chiropractor.

Dr. D’s Journey in Sports and Chiropractic

  His journey to the USA and chiropractic started through sports. After competing in the World Junior Championship and being the record holder for Cyprus in the event of hammer throwing, he was put on the radar of coaches in the USA.

  He began his college sports career in the NCAA D1 at the University of Texas at El Paso and finished at Troy University in Alabama. During this time, Dr. D has won multiple competitions, qualified twice for the national qualifiers, and won a C-USA championship. While a fulfilling athletics career, his desire to always improve his sports performance and understand how the body works lead him to earn a BSc in Kinesiology. During his sports career, he discovered chiropractic and saw the benefits of it firsthand as a high-level athlete. Because of chiropractic, he was able to push harder, recover faster, and be more efficient in his movements during sports.

  That is why Dr. D came to Dallas to further his studies in the art, science, and philosophy of Chiropractic at Parker University. This is where he experienced the hectic life of a big city and the pressuring need for time. The decision was easy. Being a believer in “If you don’t make time for your health, you will be forced to make time for your disease” and seeing the time constraints that people have in a bid city metroplex like the Dallas – Fort Worth, there was only one solution! Become a house call chiropractor and bring wellness to the people of Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex!

Why Choose Chiropractic? 

  The spine and nervous system are on the fort front of any movement of the body, especially in sports. Dr. D believes that chiropractic care is a vital component of one’s health and performance. He also believes that people should be able to experience great chiropractic care no matter how busy their schedule is. Being a house call chiropractor, he is able to treat his patients in the comfort and privacy of their own space. This will allow them to maintain a healthy body that will age like wine!

Why House Call Chiropractor?

  House call chiropractic is the way around the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Being in healthcare, Dr. D saw the need for a change. Everyone should be able to get the necessary treatment to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Being a House call Chiropractor does just that! Operating from 8 am to 8 pm every day, including weekends, allows for anyone with a busy schedule to get treated at a time and location that suits their schedule. Whether it’s for a house call or an office call, we’ll be there!

A Little More About Dr. D

 Dr. D finds a lot of pleasure in being a house call chiropractor and helping others improve their life. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Christine exploring the outdoors, cooking, and reading books. On occasion, he’ll dance too. He has completed his studies in Functional Medicine and is now a Certified Functional Medicine Provider. Together with his education in functional neurology and functional immunology allow him to understand the complexities of the human body at a deeper level and help his patients achieve their PEAK.

Licensed Massage Therapist Jeremy. House Call Massage Therapy

Jeremy Chaddick LMT

Born and raised in the town of Española NM, he learned how to add flavors and a twist in life as a chief. His desire to help people navigate through life with ease is what drew him into massage therapy. His goal is to always reach new PEAKs.

Jeremy’s journey to Massage Therapy

Jeremy’s journey to Massage Therapy started when he discovered natural medicine from his culinary experience. Working in the kitchen for 16 years, he would always try to find new ways to stimulate the senses and nourish the body through his dishes.

With Northern New Mexico college just around the corner, Jeremy was intrigued by the human body and the way it functions, so he pursued a degree in Massage Therapy through the Integrated Health Program of the College.

Life After Massage Therapy School

Over the last 13 years as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jeremy is amazed by the results his patients have seen. From pain relief due to an injury to unwinding the stress of everyday life, Massage Therapy is a vital component of one’s health plan. Proper nutrition, good blood circulation, and a healthy coping mechanism for stress are some of the pointers he has for a well-balanced system. Trying to always improve the service he provides, Jeremy became certified in Qi Gong. Not only does this allow him to funnel all his energy into what he is doing, but also finds ways to unblock the energy that is trapped within the patient, and allow for a better flow of energy.

Why Mobile Massage Therapy

The physical and mental burdens we place on our bodies and mind these days are easily subsided with a health and wellness routine. By providing mobile Massage Therapy services, we can bring these healing modalities and their amazing benefits directly
to you. Now you do not have to worry about the stress of traffic to and from your appointment. You can get directly into a nice Epsom Salt bath or go straight to bed if you like, after the appointment. And if it is an early appointment you will be ready to tackle it with renewed energy

Sara Boyer LMT

For the past 9 years, Sara has called the DFW metroplex her home. Her passion to serve people led her here and to massage therapy. Her massage methods are precise and effective to help her patients find a new PEAK fast!

Why Massage Therapy for Sara

Sara had made the move from Michigan to Texas as an aspiring restaurant manager. Soon after getting into the restaurant business, she realized that being a restaurant manager was not what she was looking for. While in the DFW metroplex, she found her calling as a Massage Therapist and now loves what she does! Being a Massage Therapist allows her to continue her martial art studies and spend time with family and friends.

How did you become a LMT

Even though what led her to the Dallas area was not ideal, Sara never stopped wanting to serve the people around her. Attending Ke Kino Academy of Massage Therapy in Plano was just the beginning. Six years later, she now holds a certificate in Pediatrics Massage but also licensed as a Massage Therapy Instructor in Texas.

What benefits can patients expect

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Sara not only learned how to help her patients reach their goals, but she can get there quickly. The use of Trigger Point Therapy has given her patients instant relief and gratification for Sara since the patients see immediate results.

Sara believes that Massage should be a part of everyone’s wellness routine. Just like a car needs its engine oiled to work well for a long time, the body needs to move as it was designed so it does that for a long time! This is what massage therapy does! Make sure your body is moving and feeling its best!

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