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woman suffering from pregnancy pain in low back

Pregnancy Doesn’t Have To Be Painful


The female body is amazing at reconfiguring itself during these 9 months of pregnancy in order to accommodate the changes that are happening.

Starting in the first trimester, hormones that are otherwise at low levels, like relaxin, start rising. These prepare the body for what is to come by causing joints and ligaments to be more flexible than they normally would be.  Gaining those 20-40 pounds directly in the abdominal area is not an easy task either. To compensate for this, women start leaning backward, thus shifting their center of gravity. This will affect every movement that the body performs and adds additional pressure to the lower back. Consequently, lower back pain starts developing at the end of the second trimester onwards. The combination of increased joint mobility and change in biomechanics is a precarious situation.

What Should You Do?

It is very important for the newly to-be mother to adapt to these changes. Doing that to the best of her body can with no restrictions has the best outcomes. A chiropractor can help by checking and adjusting your body as needed. It helps keep your body stay up with the changes that pregnancy is challenging you with. Making sure that the body is functioning the best it can, may lead to a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

PEAKiropractis is here to help you feel your best and glow the way you should! Whether you’re trying to prevent or resolve the low back pain of pregnancy, we are here to help. Analyzing the spine and finding the imbalances in muscles and ligaments that guide the body is what we do in order to deliver the care that your body needs.

Improve Your Pain and Mobility

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