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“A couple years ago, I hurt my back real bad. I to a chiropractor and nothing changed. Recently my back went out on me and I couldn’t walk at all. I got in contact with Dr. D, now I can run…!”

“…I use to get constant back pain, especially during my 12 hour shifts. After seeing Dr. Elia, my back pain has gone from constant to a few minutes once a week…”

“During the COVID time, I needed someone that was using the proper precaution, cleaning, and that could come to my house… The reason I like Demetris is it’s not just cracking my back… I’m really digging what we’re doing with Dr. D…”

“I was experiencing a lot of intestinal discomfort. Anything I ate I would experience this discomfort minutes after I took in food. It affected my energy, mood and sleep. Dr. D gave me some supplements, within days it was a night and day difference…”

“…the past week I’ve been going through hell. Back, shoulders have been tight, not much range of motion, taking a lot of Tylenol and Advil to try to help with the pain. I was able to get adjusted and stretched. I haven’t felt like this in 8-9 days! I wasn’t able to move like this!…”

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