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How Anyone Can Get a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercising is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle

Many people ask how to have a healthy lifestyle because they want live a better life. Here are some easy steps you can follow to achieve your “healthy lifestyle”:

  • Set your goals
  • Evaluate your habits
  • Make a plan
  • Allow time

Many people throw the word “lifestyle” around in today’s world, but how many truly understand the meaning of it? Let’s take a deep dive into what lifestyle is.

Lifestyle definition: the way in which a person or group of people live.

When you read the above definition, you automatically think about all the stuff people do. The activities they like, the group of people they are with, and the habits they hold onto.

Although this definition is all encompassing, we often forget the physical and psychological aspect of lifestyle that comes with it.

Emotions and physical manifestations of them, are often the result of the so called “lifestyle” that people live. Once you look into your own life, you will notice that some of the things that are part of your lifestyle, don’t make you happy. Even worse, they are not pushing you towards your end goal. Over time, this tends to cause a lot of turmoil. This unsteadiness could result in stress, dis-ease even certain disorders and conditions.

Over 40 million Americans are suffering from anxiety related disorders and more than 58 million with arthritis. You may be wondering what these have to do with lifestyle choices. The missing link is what I mentioned above. The physical and psychological connection between them. The secrete to finding a solution to the major problem so many people are suffering from, is through a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle

Of course everyone heard of a healthy lifestyle. That this is the best way to live life. But everyone is different. Does that mean that everyone should be doing the same thing? Eating the same food, doing the same activities, day in and day out? How can everyone enjoy the same things when everyone is their own person, with different needs, desires, and goals?

How to create a healthy lifestyle

Inertia is the resistance to change. When observing the physical world, it can be seen everywhere. As humans, we also have a difficulty with change. This happens mainly because we don’t know what’s on the other side. But what if you could create “the other side”. Below you will find a few easy steps you can follow that will help you redefine “healthy” and allow you to incorporate changes in your life that will propel you to the next level.

Set your goals

Whether these are physical or emotional, there should always be a goal in mind. When there is no goal, you have no direction. Activity with no direction is just noise. Taking away the noise in your life, will allow you to focus and align yourself with your own path to a healthier life. Your goal may be to be more calm, or more talkative with people you don’t know yet.

Evaluate your habits

Once you have your goals set, write down every habit, trigger, or situation you have right now in your life that compromises your goals. You will be surprised that the very thing you “love” doing is counterintuitive when you have a goal in mind. There’s no doubt that some of you migth be thinking “what are the benefits of breaking bad habits“?

This self-evaluation, self-reflection is always hard. Identifying and accepting that some of the things you do are not to your best interest, can be the hardest realization you will do. Nonetheless, it creates a starting point to where you can refer to so you can evaluate your progress. We wrote an article on how to break bad habits the easy way. Give it a read and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Make a plan for a healthy lifestyle

Just like on any road trip you take. If marking the destination is the goal you want to achieve, making a plan on changes that need to happen, is planning out the route. Many people try to wing it and shortly later they find themselves lost. This tends to lead into the same old things they were trying to change in the first place. Having a plan allows you to keep track of where you are, and the path you are taking. In case you get side tracked a little bit, the plan will pull you back on track.

Change your habits

This step is pretty much self-explanatory. Once you’ve set your destination, draw out your route, the only thing left is to hit the road. Without a goal in mind, and a plan on how to change the things you want to change in your life, inertia will get the best of you. There is a Greek saying “If you ever get the urge to work, sit down for a second. It’ll go away”. That is inertia at its outmost! You should stick to the plan and push through. It will be uncomfortable in the beginning but if you’ve done the first 2 steps right, this should come to you easy.

Allow time for your lifestyle to develop

Time is probably the wises teacher of all. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “time heals all wounds”. Yet there are some people that never heal from their trauma. How comes time didn’t heal them? The answer to that can probably be found in the previous 3 paragraphs. You should be asking the following questions: Did they want to be healed? Did the have a plan on how to heal? Did they make the changes necessary to heal?

The thing about time is that when you commit energy in right direction, you have time on your side. And with time on your side, you can beat anything!

The question is:

Do you have time on your side?

Are you putting energy in the right direction?

Because this conversation will only change when we understand that a healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone.

If you are looking to improve yourself, but don’t know where to start, check out our house call services and reach out to us! We’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

You can also find some great recommendations on goals to set on your journey to finding a better life.

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