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How Long Should a Chiropractic Appointment Last?

A question we get asked a lot is: “Since you are mobile, how long should a chiropractic appointment last?” That is a great question because our patients do save lots of time in traffic, as well as time spent in the doctor’s office.

how long should a chiropractic appointment last?

The truth is, it varies based on the patient. Our chiropractors for example can help an established patient in about 10-15 minutes. For other people, it may be quicker if there is not as much going on. When someone first goes through the initial visit with us, the chiropractic appointment usually lasts longer. This is because we go through a detailed examination to identify the proper course of treatment necessary. We also answer any questions our patients may have in regard to their complaints or recommended treatment.

The best thing to do is to ask your chiropractor, who knows your current physical state. They would better be able to answer this question specifically for you. Something to note is that other medical professionals may think that these adjustments are too short to actually change anything. Patients that are under chiropractic care would highly disagree.

What is the Role of a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are able to help target the core of an issue, instead of simply putting a band-aid on symptoms. According to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, “Chiropractic is concerned primarily with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on the nervous system and general health.”

Pain is a signal transmitted through the nervous system. It is there to act as a protective mechanism and let you know that something is wrong in that area. Nerves start in the spine and travel through the whole body. When the joints in the spine are restricted, these restrictions can produce interference with the signals transmitted through the nerves. Chiropractors are able to remove this interference that leads to pain and provide relief in both muscles and joints.

Without proper functioning nervous system, the rest of the body is healed back and cannot function the way it’s designed to. Here are the 7 reasons you should see a mobile chiropractor.

What to Expect During My Chiropractic Appointment?

As mentioned earlier, the initial chiropractic appointment it is not just an adjustment. It consists of a consultation through a comprehensive patient history review and a detailed examination. After that, the restrictions found in the spine and other joints in the body will get corrected. Part of the treatment plan is making sure the patient is assigned the correct stretches, exercises, or other health activities that will help improve their condition faster.

Medical doctors focus of disease prevention whereas chiropractors focus on health promotion. That is the fundamental difference between the two approaches of the body. At times, both approaches are necessary! However, we find that the more proactive people are in promoting their health, the less they have to deal with getting out of a state of disease. Find out more about the difference between Mds and Dcs.

We might have our differences, but we have our similarities too. Check out our post about what medical doctors and chiropractors have in common.

Why Should I Get a Chiropractic Appointment?

Just like with a brand-new car, one needs to keep up with its maintenance, the body needs its maintenance too. Throughout life, one can experience things like aches and pains, general discomfort and low energy. These are all symptoms that can be related to the spine and restrictions in joints. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re being seen regularly. The frequency each patient requires is different and can be determined by your chiropractor.

Even with seeing a medical doctor, you still may need a follow-up appointment, and some checkups may be a few minutes long. In the same way, chiropractors need to do checkups to see how everything is holding and responding to the treatment.

Our body have the innate ability to heal itself from the inside out. By removing this interference and allowing the proper functions to take place within the body, one is able to find relief to a lot of symptoms. When everything is re-aligned, it is quite impressive how fast the body is able to pick up the slack and recover to its full capabilities.

Find out how often you should be seeing a chiropractor.

Why is Continual Treatment Necessary?

Unfortunately, the spine gets restricted by the incorrect way of sitting, walking and generally movements throughout the day. This leads to poor biomechanics in the joints, muscles and ligaments that will eventually lead to “wear and tear”. Correcting these biomechanical alterations and keeping up with the changes is what continuous care will do.

Correcting issues with the spine does not happen as quickly as killing bacteria on your hands, for example. It can be likened to using braces, which means maintaining good posture, continuing with adjustments and performing exercise regimens is a must long-term.

Investing in chiropractic care is not as costly as it may first seem. Being seen on a regular basis by a chiropractor can prevent you from surgeries down the road had you not seen a chiropractor. It is not a cost of your time or money, it’s rather an investment into a healthier and longer life. On our article “Phases of chiropractic care“, we explain in detail this plays out.

It’s far more costly to ignore the foundation of your health, and have to deal with bulging disks, pinched nerves, and surgeries once conditions like these have taken their toll. Having a healthy nervous system and biomechanically sound movements, is truly at the core of longevity. Don’t procrastinate on doing what’s right for your body – you deserve to get the treatment you need.

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