Common conditions we treat with soft tissue treatment

The conditions we treat using soft tissue treatment are many. The most common conditions we are able to help with this therapy are headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow. With soft tissue therapy we are able to quickly and effectively resolve your problems.

a patient receiving soft tissue technique for shoulder pain

What is Soft Tissue Treatment?

Soft tissue therapies target the muscles and ligaments. Depending on the technique used, we are able to achieve different goals. When an injury happens, such as a sprained ankle, the body develops scar tissue in an attempt to strengthen the ligaments and provide more support in case of another injury. When this happens, ligaments get tougher, hence less mobile which causes joint restrictions. These restrictions in joints changes the way your body’s mechanics work, so a repeat injury is more likely. With the help of soft tissue treatment, we are able to reduce these imbalances in the body, whether in ligaments or muscles, and address this before a repeat injury happens.

How does Soft Tissue therapy work?

There are several soft tissue therapythat we utilize, depending on each patients needs.

Myofascial Release

 Myofascial release, or pin and stretch, helps by decreasing muscle tension that develops in different parts of the body. This usually happens as a compensation to restrictions in other areas. By decreasing the tension and removing the compensation, we effectively eliminate the problem that caused the tension initially. This will keep it from happening again.


 Scrapping utilizes a tool to work on the area involved. This technique increases blood flow to the area involved. The rush of blood facilitates the removal of toxins and promotes healing of the soft tissue. This technique is great for small areas like hands, wrists and feet.

Active Release

Active release is when the patient is either assisted in moving through their full range fo motion or does so by themselves. This is done while the chiropractor is pushing in certain key point to release the tension and bring the balance back into the system. We have seen amazing results with active release for conditions of the shoulder, neck and low back. Some of the conditions we’ve seen great results with active release are frozen shoulder, rotator cuff impingment, shoulder stiffness, and low back pain that gets worse with sitting. For more information on Active Release Technique visit their website here.

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