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House Call Services

House Call Services delivered to you in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex

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Our Holistic Approach To Health

To often patients get stuck in the health care system. Providers are chasing down a diagnosis, patients develop new symptoms, and the cycle keeps running. At PEAKiropractic, we look at the body from a different perspective with our house call chiropractic and massage therapy services.

We believe in the body’s ability to heal from the inside out.

Given the right environment and building blocks, we can achieve great things!

As humans, we are meant to adapt and overcome adversities. Unfortunately in todays world, time constrains, lack for nutrient dense food, and never ending stress, have all come together to create the perfect storm.

We developed these house call services with these adversities in mind. We deliver the care you need directly to you. This allows you to save time, be less stressed and finally figure out what is actually causing you the symptoms you have, rather than just taking medication for it.

House Call Chiropractic Care


Get individual and goal specific chiropractic adjustments and care. From bedridden to just keeping up with life, we’ve seen it all. Find out how our chiropractor at home services can help you improve your life.

House Call Massage Therapy


Every session focuses on how to help you reach your goal faster. Get the results you’ve always wanted, and do it in style. Our house call massage therapy is near you, always! Reach your PEAK with our house call service from our massage therapist.

Functional Medicine


Discover what is causing your chronic problems. From gut disturbances to genetic anomalies and hormone dysregulation. They all play their part. Let us guide you to true wellness with functional medicine.

Natural Weight Loss Solution


Struggling to lose weight? Tried several approaches just to bounce back to your initial weight and more? Achieve your weight goals once and for all with our Natural Weight Loss Solutions.

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, then you won’t have to hear it scream”


Memberships And Packages

In an attempt to make care more affordable, we offer memberships and package options:


Chiropractic Care:

1 Chiropractic Adjustment per month $80

2 Chiropractic Adjustments per month $150

Massage Therapy:

1 1-hour Massage Therapy session per month $120

2 1-hour Massage Therapy sessions per month $240


Chiropractic Care:

12 Chiropractic Visits $969

24 Chiropractic Visits $1887

36 Chiropractic Visits $2754

Massage Therapy:

4 1-hour Massage Therapy sessions $460

8 1-hour Massage Therapy sessions $880

16 1-hour Massage Therapy Sessions $1600

More About PEAKiropractic

  • Top quality service is what we strive for all house call services. We are the only Dallas-Fort Worth chiropractic office to offer complete house call chiropractic services, and we do it with passion.
  • Our providers are detail oriented. As the saying goes, “the difference is in the details”. We will leave no stone unturned to discover the root cause of your symptoms.
  • Evidence based treatment is what we practice every day. Continually educated providers with evidence-based practices to deliver the best and fastest results to our patients.
  • Goal driven treatment. With your personal health goals in mind, we recommend the appropriate treatment so you can achieve your goals on your timeline.
  • Patient-Centered care. We know that life happens every day. Which is why we operate Saturdays and Sundays and offer house call services!

Request House Call Services

If you think you are in a life threatening condition, please contact 9-1-1 immediately.

PEAKiropractic provides a chiropractor at home services. We are equiped with the technologies and tools to care for any conditions treated by chiropractic. This includes sever back pain, neck pain, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ pain, headaches and migraines, numbness and tingling, sciatica and other.

Although we have a primary service area for our in home chiropractic and massage therapy services, any request for visits outside of this area will be up to the discretion of the provider and are subject to additional charges. If this is the case, please contact us before requesting a service.

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