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Health Talk With Dallas Chiropractor

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It has been established for centuries that when one is not feeling well, they go to the doctor or healer to make them better. In this health talk, Dr. D our Dallas chiropractor, explains how this misconception has caused a shift in our mindset and beliefs as humans.

Read on to find out how you can change this in your own life.

Where did we go wrong with health?

Even before Hippocrates in ancient Greece, the father of medicine, people would seek out others for help with their physical and mental problems. Over centuries, this idea of healers and doctors being the ones that perform the healing, took over. Humanity has put their trust and health in others, believing that they have their best interest at heart. In sense, we have pushed on the responsibility for our own health and pain problems onto someone else. This makes it easier to throw blame around when things don’t go our way or if we have a setback. In today’s society, we transferred this responsibility onto drugs and procedures. When you don’t have the health you want, you look at the dose, different medication or another procedure that will solve your problem.

From the beginning, our bodies are formed from the innate intelligence that our parents pass on to us. Starting from almost nothing and building a human machine capable of growing, developing skills, having emotions, interacting, surviving, and always adapting to the world around it. How did we skip over this? Why do we put our trust in someone or something else that doesn’t know much about us, instead of trusting our own bodies?

Where Health Begins

As your Dallas Chiropractor, in a big metroplex with a lot of hassle and bustle, we still believe that health begins from the body’s innate ability to thrive, survive, and adapt to its environment.

We live in a world that’s ever-changing. Our nervous systems are constantly getting bombarded with information from the outside. Being able to regulate your environment, allows your innate intelligence to adapt and thrive.

If we can become an infant from an egg and a spermatozoon, why do we draw the line at healing from the inside out? Just like in the womb, if we provide our bodies with the right environment to succeed, there’s only one possible result! Adaptation and success.

Why is Chiropractic Important for Health

The spine is the pillar of the nervous system. Through it passes the spinal cord that connects the brain with the peripheral nerves. These nerves are like the interstate highway for information. What happens to that information depends on the brain and the end organs (muscles, ligaments, and organs). A bigger problem is what happens when the highway is blocked from 4 lanes to 2 lanes. How does this affect the rest of the system?

As you would expect, there will be a backup. Lanes of traffic will accumulate which means, the whole system is at a stand still. If trucks can’t deliver groceries, the grocery store has empty shelves, and the customers cannot buy the product. You see, the customer or the grocery store manager is not in the traffic jam, but they are both highly affected by it. They are indirectly related to the consequences of it. That doesn’t mean that the grocery store will shut down or the customer is not able to buy something else. But if they don’t have the secret ingredient for your favorite recipe, would you want to buy something similar? The same can be said about the body.

Having a restriction in the spine is the equivalent of a roadblock that creates traffic.

Why would you want your body to be compensated because of a restriction in a joint?

Why not have everything you need to make your special recipe for success and repeat this every day?

Improving the flow of information by making sure your spine is moving properly is a great way for your innate intelligence to do its thing. Chiropractic care will provide the proper environment for the body to take the best action possible and provide you with the best chances not only to survive but thrive.

How Health Affects Child Development

Below you will see a living example of what it means to give the body the environment it needs to succeed.

One of our 10-year-old patients was born with caudal regression syndrome. In this syndrome, the lower part of the body, including the lower spine and legs, does not develop properly. This comes with many other complications like kidney problems, intestinal problems, heart problems, and others. The cause of it is still unknown. After a whole series of surgeries, medication, and difficulties throughout her life, they were told that she will probably be in a wheelchair by the time she is a teenager. Every physical therapist or massage therapist they asked for help from rejected the case. They had given up on the girl before they gave her a chance.

After her first visit with their Dallas Chiropractor, they were surprised to see that she was able to walk easier. A month later, they said she had so much more energy than she ever had. Fast forward 18 months and 21 treatments later, she is able to run and compete with her classmates in a physical education class, is very energetic, and is a thriving little girl!

Her school teachers are surprised with her improvements in school. The primary care physicians recommended decreasing her medication because she no longer has gastrointestinal complaints and is regular to the toilet.

Her mother attributes all the positive changes they’ve seen in her daughter to Dr. D and PEAKiropractic.

Where Health is The Key to a Bright Future

Guiding our patients through their journey to find a better self is our passion. Living a fulfilling life, pain-free, and not dependent on substances is always our goal. The only constant in this world is that nothing is constant. Adaptation is the key to success and thriving. Learn more about us and then request you appointment with us!

June 2020

Caudal Insuficiency syndrome Xrays lateral
Caudal Insuficiency syndrome Xrays AP

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Caudal Insuficiency syndrome Xrays lateral
Caudal Insuficiency syndrome Xrays AP

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