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Person suffering from osteoarthritis in his wrist

Find Relief And Prevent Arthritis

What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammatory disorder. Inflammation in or around a joint causes structural alterations of the bones’ architecture. This can happen in many ways. According to the CDC, 24% of the US adult population will be diagnosed with some sort of arthritis but 2040. Generally, osteoarthritis involves mainly the bones. Compaired to psoriatic that involves the skin or rheumatoid that affects the joints. It may also involve any joint in the body, from fingers and toes to vertebrae and ligaments in the spine. 

Due to the different presentation of arthritis in each patient, we take a different aproach to treatment. First thing to remember is that blood work is necessary for the evaluation of any arthritic disorder. Given that each type or arthritis has a different reason, identifying the correct course of action is a must.

A study by the National Institute of Health, concludes that “The increase in osteoarthritis with age is a consequence of cumulative exposure to risk factors and biological changes such as oxidative damage, thinning of cartilage, or muscle weakness.”

How Chiropractors Help Arthritis

As chiropractors, we are advocates of health promotion!

Even though you might have arthritis, we look for the positive impact that we can have on your life and health.

Although our preferred route would be to have patients under our care from a young age so we prevent it alltogether. This will allow us to keep an eye on the patients’ health and show them the way to PEAK health.


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