Health Benefits of Chiropractic care

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Get The Life You Deserve With Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care offers a lot more than just back pain relief. Chiropractic looks at the body as a whole and does not isolate one area from the rest. As chiropractors, we are able to connect the dots between your symptoms and exactly what is causing them.

What Does Chiropractic Care Do?

To understand what chiropractic care does, we need to explain a couple things first.

The nervous system is at the epicenter of health. It acts like a huge telephone line connecting all cells of the body together. The information they exchange includes pain, temperature, body positioning, and other senses all over the body that help us navigate through life. The Central Nervous System, where all nerves start from, is housed within the spine.

When the spine is not moving as it should, the motion restriction interrupts the phone line at that level. Just like we don’t like talking on the phone with bad reception, the brain doesn’t like it either. As chiropractors, we find these restrictions and correct them. This allows the reception of information between the body and the brain to be clear again.

As you’ll experience as one of our patients, PEAKiropractic is not about just “cracking” your back. We understand the importance of each and every component of the body’s mechanisms, so we use other therapies to address them. Some of these are soft tissue therapies that address muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Other options are therapeutic exercises that will bring balance back to the system. During each visit, all components are evaluated and drive our treatment.

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