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Arm & Leg Pain

Pain in your arms, legs or both can range from a mild annoyance to a debilitating hindrance to your daily activities. Arm and leg pain can disrupt your work life and keep you from sleeping well. There are countless ailments or injuries that cause arm and leg pain, requiring a trained chiropractor to determine the underlying causes and how to treat them. Chiropractic care can fix your arm and leg pain at its source.

common causes of arm and leg pain in dallas, TX

Dr. Elia performs a chiropractic adjustment

Most cases of arm or leg pain consist of myofascial pain or pain that manifests in a person’s muscles and the connective tissues surrounding them. It’s important to remember that arm pain and leg pain are typically symptoms, not the problem itself. Any number of musculoskeletal conditions can produce pain in the arms and legs, and it takes someone that’s been trained to detect, diagnose and treat those types of conditions to help relieve that pain.

Conditions that produce arm and leg pain include:

How we can treat your arm and leg pain

PEAKiropractic Chiropractic Treatment 2 1Since the nature and severity of each case of arm or leg pain can vary drastically, we spend time analyzing your individual symptoms and investigating their origins. Once we’ve established what exactly your body needs to heal, we get to work administering tried and true adjustments that have helped millions get free from their arm or leg pain.

At PEAKiropractic, we aim to blend the skills and experience we’ve acquired from both our formal education and years of serving the Dallas – Fort Worth  community.

Dr. Elia is a certified, accredited Chiropractor and has gained extensive experience in treating a wide range of serious injuries and musculoskeletal issues. We’ve focused our practice on treating injuries resulting from all manner of personal, automobile or work-related accidents, slips and falls, and other accidental injuries. Our patient support is second to none and the care we provide is safe, effective, and backed by science.

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