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PEAKiropractic - The Mobile Chiropractor and massage therapy in Dallas Texas

Your Health Is Our Mission

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Our Story

The lack of time in people’s lives, gave birth to PEAKiropractic. Chiropractic care and massage therapy should be part of eveyones lives. Having the option of care 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm, makes a difference in our patient’s lives. Living life at its fullest means no restrictions and a fully functioning body.

We’re here to guide you to you new PEAK.

Precise, Effective, Alternative, Kiropractic will be there for you.

Our Mission

To impact our patients’ lives through health education and mobile services to live an exceptional life

PEAKiropractic is redefining health care.

We decided to bring chiropractic care to anyone with no time to spare by bringing care directly to them! The Mobile Chiropractor of Dallas, combines the private and comfortable enviroment of your own space with a time sensitive solution to your health problems. No need to waste time out of your day, or change your schedule to accomodate doctor visits. PEAKiropractic helps you get everything on your schedule done while still taking care of you, with chiropractic and massage therapy.


The Dallas Chiropractor that decided to offer mobile chiropractic services shares what drew him to chiropractic care in the first place. A graduate of Parker University, with post doctoral education in Functional Neurology, Functional Immunology, Functional Medicine, natural weight loss and a Bachelors Degree in Kinsiology. His well rounded knowledge is an asset to his patients’ health.

Massage Therapist

Mobile massage therapy provides the ultimate experience for optimizing your health even on a busy schedule. Whether you’re looking for a soothing massage or need specific work to rebalance your body, we got you covered. Combining chiropractic and massage therapy will help you achieve your PEAK in no time.

Patient Reviews

While others make big claims, we let the results speak for themselves. Don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself what our patients have to say about us and why they decided to use our chiropractic and massage services.

Service Area

Are you wondering how far we travel? If its considered part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we probably cover it. But just in case, check out the extensive list of areas our mobile services cover. If you find that you’re outside the service area, don’t hesitate to reach out. We still want to help any way we can.

Get Nothing But The Best For Your Health

The public noticed and rewarded PEAKiropractic’s house call services.

It was selected Best Chiropractor in Dallas 3 years in a row by Expertise .com, and for 2023 from We were also selected Best Home Health Care Agencies in Dallas for 2022 and 2023, from

Give us a call and find out why so many others prefer us for their chiropractic and massage needs. Once you experience the convenience we offer, you will wonder why it took you so long!

Do You Want To Be Part Of The Revolution?

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